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About Us

Paper Green is a Mexican Paper and Cardboard Recycling Company with more than 50 years experience in the recycling business. We recycle to reintegrate materials to the production process; to help improve and make these processes more efficient, as well as to improve our environment.

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We are a Mexican Company dedicated to the collection, selection, shredding, destruction and packaging of Paper and Cardboard. We supply the global paper industry with secondary fibers for its recycling.


Recycle to offer better solutions and more benefits for the environment and humanity.

To be an innovative company committed to the environment, with financial stability, operating with the highest quality standards in benefit of society. Offering its employees an opportunity to develop.

  • ✔ Responsibility

  • ✔ Honesty

  • ✔ Quality

  • ✔ Innovation

  • ✔ Team work

  • ✔ Punctuality

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